Reviewing 100s of televisions to bring you only the best HDTVs on the market. Everything you need to know before you buy your next high definition television.

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Reviewing 100s of televisions to bring you our top list TVs with the sharpest picture at the best prices.


4K Ultra technology is the latest and greatest in high definition. Just as television technology moved from standard definition to high definition, 4K ultra is the next step. However, since it is the next step in HD technology, not all programming is formatted to take advantage of its astonishing 8 million in pixels; but when you do discover your favorite show is available in 4K ultra definition – it will be unforgettable. We have reviewed the top HD images focusing on quality, brightness and cost – see our top 4K picks below.


Curved televisions are the latest craze. They look great and have a top of the line HD picture. If you are looking for a TV that will upgrade your living room’s style a curved television may be for you. The picture quality is second next to its viewing experience. The curvature of the screen brings the television’s edges closer to you; this combined with quality contrast levels, make these televisions the ultimate in user viewing experience. Samsung is the leader in curved television manufacturing. The key to their success is their ability to manipulate contrast levels; creating the illusion of depth where it doesn’t exist. ​


OLED is the next best choice to 4K technologies. You can expect to pay about 40% less than you would for a 4K television, while still receiving a great top HD image. In fact, the color scheme and black levels are comparably better than 4K. OLED televisions are the sports viewer’s choice. Since it processes panning images quickly (which are constantly used during sporting events), the viewing experience is flawless and less choppy than any other television technology.

With so many choices in HDTV, these are the top picks in each category

Best 4K Ultra TVs

We have reviewed over 10 of the top 4K Ultra televisions to bring you our top picks based on price and picture clarity.
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LG OLED uses revolutionary self-lighting pixels, individually controlled to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast.
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TVs Under $500

These are our top picks in bargain TVs under $500. Tested for quality and previous customer reviews.
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Our #1 Picks in 4K, OLED, and LCD
The best 4K TV ever made? We think so.

After an underwhelming debut, Samsung’s QLED technology really needed to bounce back in style in 2018. It didn’t surprise us in the least, then, to discover Samsung threw the kitchen sink in with its new Q9FN QLED Series of TVs.
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Samsung Q9FN (65Q9FN)


No TV we’ve ever tested offers this much picture for this little cash, and its Roku TV operating system is our hands-down favorite. We can’t declare it the value champion until we test a few more sets, but for now it rules the roost.
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TLC 6 Series

A Vibrant Picture You Have to See to Believe

The LG C7 OLED offers the same excellent picture quality as more expensive OLED TVs and has an inconspicuous black bezel. It supports all the most important current HDR standards, includes a user-friendly webOS video streaming platform, and has a comprehensive menu that allows for detailed calibration.
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